Ranch details


General Information

The ranch is comprised of 16,000 acres located 36 miles southeast of Sabinas, Coahuila off of the pipeline road and in the Lomerio Peyote Amarillo or Yellow Peyote Hills. The acreage is actually comprised of two contiguous ranches, La Rosa and Loma Pinta. 

Sabinas is 71 miles southwest of Eagle Pass, Texas/Piedras Negras, Coahuila and on the other side of the checkpoint. Total driving time to the ranch will be about 2 ½ hours from Eagle Pass.  Driving to the ranch from Sabinas, the first 23 miles are paved. The next 13 miles are bumpy dirt roads but can be traveled at about 20 to 40 mph. The ranch is entered after passing through two other ranches.

The ranch is thick with ideal brush including quajillo, blackbrush, chapote (persimmon), guayacan, junco, cat-claw, mesquite, huisache, little-leaf leadtree, brasil, and coma.  The ranch has 10 pastures and many traps and approximately 71 miles of interior roads.

There is also approximately 5,000 acres of the ranch under high fence which are included in the lease.

The ranch has two cowboys that live on the ranch and manage the cow/calf operation as well as keep an eye out for predators. We do have mountain lion, the occasional bear, bobcat and foxes. There are also good numbers of blue & bobwhite quail as well as dove.



The main ranch’ s headquarters consists of a very large 2-bedroom/3-bath house with a 72-foot long porch. Additionally, nearby is a 500 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment.

Also near the main house is a game room/bar with it’s own bathroom and a small chapel. 

Electricity is supplied via a solar system with a backup generator.  DirectTV is also installed and available on two televisions.



The ranch has 8 water wells, all average 42 meters (137’) in depth. Water is pumped by solar pumps and windmills to 5 rock and 5 metal pilas or large water storage tanks situated on high points throughout the property. From these pilas, water is piped to small (600 gal.) water troughs. An additional 45 wildlife waterers have recently been added.

The ranch has many dirt tanks (ponds) that are rainwater filled. These are all located in arroyos (creeks) and in ramadero (low lying) areas.