Blinds and Feeders

We still have our blinds and feeders setup and available. There are six blinds and 8 feeder pens located within the high fence. All feeder pens on the ranch are using the 1,500 lb free choice feeders. There are currently five stands and six feeder pens on the low fence as well as four fields for planting.

 All corn feeders are the HCR feeders with their timers and are in excellent condition. We have some 30 corn feeders available.

The cowboys keep feed in the feeders.


We resumed feeding protein in February 2019. We are not feeding corn this year.

Deer Breeding

We started a very small breeding program in 2009 to help improve the genetics within the high fence. So far we have released 11 bucks and 18 bred does back into the high fence. Starting this year we are going to release the remaining does and bucks into the low fence only retaining a few does and one breeder buck in the pens.


To locate hunters who are able to:

1. Raise the finest whitetails possible.

2. Shoot only mature deer. (Trophy & Management)

3. Participate in predator removal.

4. Have fun doing same.